Very cool Terms and Conditions

our designer in harris tweed waistcoat relaxing

So, this is probably the most boring page on our website, and you, our loyal customers have seen these terms and conditions popping up all over the internet, and are probably wondering why everyone has them. Terms and Conditions are NOT required by law, unless you collect information from your users, which in our case we do (once you register for a customer account).


1) let's reassure you firstly, that, Wallace and Berg do NOT sell your user data in anyway, we only collect exactly what is necessary for us to make you an account and we try as hard as humanly possible to keep this as safe as buried pirate treasure, which we have lost the map to, and nobody knows about in the first place.

2) We write in English, so anything bought from us comes under all UK laws of selling goods and you have a nice warm feeling that we do all that correctly for you. If there are any problems with your orders, please don't take us to court, give us a call and we will personally sort it out as fast as we can for you.

3) Now we come round the the liability - basically if we do something wrong, how much can you take us to court for. Well, we are going to say that anything that is incorrectly described on our website, we probably wrote very late at night, after thirteen cups of coffee, and we can only say we are sorry that we might have wrote a few words wrong. If there are any problems with your purchases, give us a call or email us and we will set it completely right for you. Taking us to court wont help, getting in touch will. And since we have to state our liability in numbers and words, we are only liable for the exact amount of the purchase made from us, nothing more. But we will try and help wherever possible, because we care.

4) And lastly, if you are still reading this, all our clothes, items and images, logos and wording is all copyright 2019 by Wallace and Berg.

hopefully it was not as boring as you were expecting!